My Journey to Wealth Management

Having been in the Financial Industry for many years, I've learnt so much about how to credibly increase our wealth. I guess my venture in the industry many years back did not cause any regrets. I am able to apply it to my real life wealth management without having to be a Financial Consultant. I must thanked my previous boss who managed to swing my thoughts around and changing the whole perception of meeting up with Financial Consultants. I must agree with many that there are also unscrupulous Consultants scattered around in the market just to earn that commission and somehow FAILED to give proper advise on the potential clients. I was one of those 'clients' who had been mismanaged and not being advised properly about the plans that I'm having or about the possible plans that I'd like to get.
Thus, being a very cautious person, I made my way to take up my own certificates and exams in this industry so as not to be 'cornered' wrongly by some Consultants who just want to close cases to reach for their intended 'targets'.

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